Tuesday, May 8, 2007

New Non Stop Services from Auckland & Sydney direct to Vancouver

This has to be some of the best news for this Canadian ski season. Air New Zealand, along with their co-share partner Air Canada, will operate a 14 hour non stop flight from Auckland to Vancouver in a brand new Boeing 777/200ER aircraft. This will cut down the total travel time by 9-16 hours depending on current transit time/route in USA.

Air Canada will also start a new non stop service on their brand new Boeing 777/200ER aircraft between Sydney and Vancouver, cutting down total travel time by 8 hours.
Both non stop services depart and arrive at excellent times, allowing for good domestic connections in Canada, enabling you to travel from home ot resort in approx. 21-22 hrs.

If you live in Melbourne, Adelaide or Brisbane, your best connections and prices may actually be via Auckland, thus avoiding Sydney Airport’s high taxes and congestion between International and Domestic terminals.

South Island clients might want to consider travelling via Sydney rather than Auckland: the flight leaves, and arrives, a few hours earlier than the Auckland flight, and as you are in transit in Sydney you don’t have to pay those high taxes.

Flights Auckland – Vancouver – Auckland operate 3 times a week: Friday, Sunday, and Wednesday.

Flights Sydney – Vancouver – Sydney: Daily.

Prices are similar, or slightly cheaper, than going via USA.

So, that’s the great news. But, and we cant stress this, warn or encourage you enough,. to BOOK YOUR TRIP EARLY, or risk missing out on these direct, non stop flights.

An interesting fact: Air NZ and Air Canada did not put on these direct flights just for we snow enthusiasts. They put them on for the 110,000 Canadian tourists escaping their winter to holiday Downunder during our peak tourist season – which just happens to coincide with the peak skiing season!

We are not just saying this to make you book early. Full flights, or a longer flight via USA, are an unfortunate fact of life for people booking later in the year. So call now to secure flights that best suit your needs and your budget.

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