Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Hot News for the 2007/08 season

If you are serious about skiing Canada or USA next season, NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT.

Now is the time to save yourself some serious $$$.

Now is the time to take advantages of:

  1. Earlybird specials/discounts that will save you hundreds of dollars.
  2. Flight availability: The cheap seats are still available right now (Except for Christmas to Jan 15. Flights returning to NZ end Jan/early Feb in time for School restarting are already tight).
  3. The exchange rate is at an all time high so your dollar goes further right now. NB: we are not economists, but people in the know are saying that the NZ dollar must, and will, come back down again. A drop from USD.73 to .68 will add approximately NZD500 to your average holiday. But if you pay your deposit now you can lock in your holiday at today’s fantastic exchange rate, and pay the balance 90 days prior to departure.
    Availability of accommodation: The best value accommodation with best views or location are always booked out first. If you act now, you are likely to get what you want.

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